Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Graves Disease

Today I cataloged one of the earliest articles on Graves Disease. This was pretty exciting for me, being that I have Graves Disease. So does Olympian Gail Deevers, as well as George Bush Sr., his wife Barbara, and their dog Millie (who may be dead now, I have no idea). The crazy thing is, it looks as though very little has been learned about the causes of this autoimmune disorder over the last one hundred and twenty-five years. The Washington Post Express has this really lame column called "What you could have" or something alone those lines and each day openly preys on hypochondriacs by outlining some rare disease they could have. I say this as a proud recovering hypochondriac. Anyway, interestingly enough, today the chosen affliction was...you guessed it--Graves Disease.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Things I have been meaning to blog about

1. Legacy issues in small libraries
2. Doing reference/fact checking for Intern Edition or Police Suicide Hysteria
3. The new books I have been reading
4. The stress of picking courses
5. My tour of the National Geographic Library
6. How advocating for your library is actually really important within a larger organization
7. 117 degrees Farenheit and how ridiculous that is

I might get around to some of these.