Friday, July 21, 2006

Some projects I have been working on:

1) Tech processing for the archive project. Tedious and monotonous but important (or so they tell us so that we feel better).
2) Collection development and management. I think that this might even be more challenging in a news sound library than in a traditional library because one does not only need to evaluate whether an item is of use to a patron, but also whether that item will ever be of use to a patron. I have been going through old, un-cataloged, un-marked audio reels of campaign materials and trying to determine whether they are worth keeping. This is kind of tough when looking at state representative candidates from 1992. They weren't big names then, they aren't big names now, but they could become president one day and then we might wish we had held on to them. The difficulty of deciding what should be considered historically important as well as trying to anticipate the news of the future. I feel the responsibility.
3) Reference.
4) Making a proposal of how to catalog 16.9 hours of FDNY radio transmissions from 9/11 as well as hours of BBC special coverage of that day. That's what I worked on today, and let me tell you I went home feeling drained.


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