Sunday, September 03, 2006

I quit

Alright -- as my last post was August 8th, I think it is safe to say that I did a pretty bad job of maintain this blog. At the end of the day (let's keep in mind that I leave the house at 6.15am and return at 7.40pm) the last thing I want to do is write about my day. But, I tried. And that has to count for something. But I quit now.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Graves Disease

Today I cataloged one of the earliest articles on Graves Disease. This was pretty exciting for me, being that I have Graves Disease. So does Olympian Gail Deevers, as well as George Bush Sr., his wife Barbara, and their dog Millie (who may be dead now, I have no idea). The crazy thing is, it looks as though very little has been learned about the causes of this autoimmune disorder over the last one hundred and twenty-five years. The Washington Post Express has this really lame column called "What you could have" or something alone those lines and each day openly preys on hypochondriacs by outlining some rare disease they could have. I say this as a proud recovering hypochondriac. Anyway, interestingly enough, today the chosen affliction guessed it--Graves Disease.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Things I have been meaning to blog about

1. Legacy issues in small libraries
2. Doing reference/fact checking for Intern Edition or Police Suicide Hysteria
3. The new books I have been reading
4. The stress of picking courses
5. My tour of the National Geographic Library
6. How advocating for your library is actually really important within a larger organization
7. 117 degrees Farenheit and how ridiculous that is

I might get around to some of these.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The lunch line

Last week I stood next to Ted Coppel in the lunch line. For about ten minutes. Is it unprofessional for me to be kind of excited about that?

Friday, July 21, 2006

'Reasons why I am a lousy blogger' OR 'What makes you think I will be able to get that?'

A good blogger would post regularly and consistantly. I am never in the mood to post, and then I find some time and feel as though I have to catch up with several at once.

I have been loving the reference work I have been doing. Finding awesome video of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for Day to Day and bringing in my own copy of Grey's Anatomy Season One DVD to be dubbed into a science show is exciting and makes me feel good as a librarian. However, yesterday I seemed to get several questions that I could not provide satisfactory results for. This was really getting me down until I started thinking about some of the questions I got and what in Heaven's name made people think I could get those things. Vintage sound from a roller derby which took place from 1935 to 1940 only, and on deadline? I found some from 1946, but when I finally heard the obit piece I realized it wasn't used. sigh. Or what about the BBC broadcast of Captain Kurt Carlsen speaking in 1951 about his ship sinking....from London, in 24 hours?!? I called London, but not surprisingly my quest was a failure. I have to admit that everyone has been very nice and understanding when I just can't find what they are looking for. I guess I just need to understand that just because someone might expect me to be able to find something, I need to allow myself to understand that it will not always be the case and I should be OK with that. Right?

Some projects I have been working on:

1) Tech processing for the archive project. Tedious and monotonous but important (or so they tell us so that we feel better).
2) Collection development and management. I think that this might even be more challenging in a news sound library than in a traditional library because one does not only need to evaluate whether an item is of use to a patron, but also whether that item will ever be of use to a patron. I have been going through old, un-cataloged, un-marked audio reels of campaign materials and trying to determine whether they are worth keeping. This is kind of tough when looking at state representative candidates from 1992. They weren't big names then, they aren't big names now, but they could become president one day and then we might wish we had held on to them. The difficulty of deciding what should be considered historically important as well as trying to anticipate the news of the future. I feel the responsibility.
3) Reference.
4) Making a proposal of how to catalog 16.9 hours of FDNY radio transmissions from 9/11 as well as hours of BBC special coverage of that day. That's what I worked on today, and let me tell you I went home feeling drained.

The Arrow Lakes needs a little more excitement

So, the communications interns sent out press releases to everyone's home newspaper. Today some fellow from the Arrow Lakes News called to interview me about my internship. I found it incredibly difficult to describe what I do and have it make sense to a lay person. Cataloging begins to sound a lot like data entry, even though it requires thought and creativity. Does the average person know what reference is? I forgot to mention that the broadcast library doesn't have any books, forgetting that people might not realize this. And...on top of it all, I am worried that I am going to be misquoted or give librarianship a bad name. Granted, will anyone read this article or care? Probably not. But since a few trees being cut down on Morton's beach make the news cut, I guess a small town girl working for one of the world's foremost public broadcasting organizations might get a second glance. Maybe. I mean, I guess it is slightly more newsworthy then that time my picture was in the paper for dressing up as a mime in the July 1st parade. Here's the picture I was bullied into submitting. Pretty dorky.

Brushing shoulders

On Wednesday there was a lovely catered 90th birthday tribute lunch for Daniel Schorr. I stood behind Ted Coppel in line for food.

roof top

This is the view from the NPR rooftop. Kind of pretty.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Shadow

On Saturday I finally got to hear the fruits of my reference labour. I had a producer come in on Friday needing sound of “The Shadow”, which I was able to find and on Saturday I heard it on Weekend Edition Saturday. It was pretty exciting hearing something on the radio that was there thanks, in part, to me. Now I just need someone to access one of the 140 historic baseball clips that I spent so much time cataloguing last month…

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yesterday was my first shift as temporary librarian staff at that un-named non-profit broadcasting organization and not as an intern. Not one person came into the library. I spent the entire day typing (on an IBM electric typewriter) almost 200 lending cards for the archive project. Only about 900 more to go. Fun.